What is a Doula?

The word Doula is derived from Ancient Greek and originally means female servant or assistant.

Nowadays, it describes a non-medical professional who provides emotional and physical support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

In practical terms, what does it mean for you and your partner? A birth doula is there to support you before and during the birth of your baby. She’ll understand your birth preferences and make sure they are implemented on the day. She could be your only birth partner or support you alongside your birth partner as part of your birth team. She does not replace a midwife, but works alongside them. She does not give medical advice nor does she undertake examinations or perform any other clinical task. She cannot make decisions for you. She is there to act as a spokesperson for should you need this and if this has been clearly stated in your birth plan.

Why hire a Doula?

Positive and happier experience: Women who benefit from the presence and support of a doula are more likely to experience a positive, natural and physiological birth. They are better prepared, and approach the birth of their baby in a well-informed, calm and relaxed manner.

Less intervention: It reduces by 30% the use of ventouse or forceps, it decreases the likelihood of an induction or even caesarean birth (by up to 50%). Having a doula with you could help decrease the length of your labour - by up to 25%, and make it less exhausting. As a result of reduced intervention, those who have a doula with them in labour report faster and easier recovery.

Less pain medication: The presence of your doula will help you gain a calm, relaxing state and your body will naturally produce the right amount of hormones you need to birth your baby. It reduces the likelihood of analgesia or anaesthesia to manage your pain. Again, this helps easier recovery.

Greater breastfeeding success: Soon after birth, the midwives will be busy cleaning up and writing notes, however, your doula will still be by your side, supporting your first step with breastfeeding and that your baby is latching well.

Reduced risk of postnatal depression risk: Women who benefit from a doula’s emotional and practical support are less likely to suffer from post-natal depression. Right after the birth of your baby, you might naturally feel overwhelmed. Your doula will listen to you, offer practical help, and would make you feel empowered in your new role as a mother.

So is it worth hiring a Doula? Let's have a look at other things in life and ask that same question: Is it worth buying a new car? Is it worth taking out a gym membership? Is it worth hiring a gardener to mow your lawn? Is it worth having a huge wedding celebration? Answers to those questions depend on your personal priorities. If your goal is to make your birth experience the most positive and rewarding, to feel supported and understood, then you may already have the answer. You are just a phone call away from what you want and deserve.

Meet Serene Birth With Mathilde

Hi! I am Mathilde Dhoosche, a former Analyst from the Asset Management industry and a proud French mother of three. My journey through pregnancy, birth, and postnatal experiences with my children has been unique and diverse. With the support of a wonderful doula during the birth of my second child, I was truly inspired by her calm and caring nature in providing support to both me and my husband. This experience triggered my passion about helping women and families navigate the journey of childbirth with confidence and support - because every birthing experience deserves a bright and peaceful beginning.

My Services

Birth Package

In your birth package, I will be with you all the way through your birth preparations. I will join you and your partner during labour, birth and bonding. I can also support your family in the first weeks after the birth of your baby. I do not give medical advice nor do I undertake examinations or perform any other clinical task. I cannot make decisions for you. I can only act as a spokesperson for you in the absence of your partner if this has been clearly stated in your birth plan.

Postnatal Package

With my postnatal services, I will help you in the transition period following the birth of your baby. I can assist in the bonding, breastfeeding, sleeping, and other in-home services to support you and your growing family. I will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and create a schedule with you that works
best for you.

"Only with trust, faith, and support can the woman allow the birth experience to enlighten and empower her." Annie Kennedy and Penny Simkin